Date: 30th June 2017 at 11:51am
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We here at Vital Mansfield have decided to pull out of our planned trip to Malta next week, due in the main of having no game to watch….

Before we start, needless to say in hindsight we should have booked our trip Monday to Monday to match the squad and would then have been able to accommodate the 8 month wait for any fixture news.

That we didn’t and instead opted for just a weekend jaunt of Thursday-Monday (landing in no time to catch the prestigious friendly with an Island XI) is entirely of our choosing.

We saw it as a bit of a cheaper football fix, still able to have enough money to jump aboard the promotion bus this coming season.

With all that out in the open, we are still having issues understanding that since the 6th October 2016 announcement that the club would be undertaking in said trip, that with just two weeks to go, they only then announce one friendly which all seemed rather last minute.

It is against a Maltese XI on the Thursday, and doubtless alongside an open training session on what would have been a packed crowd for a Saturday friendly game (although still hundreds will attend the session no doubt).

Some say, we should have waited and not took the gamble without any prior notice of a fixture, but it all pointed to two games taking place, and there was no reason to have doubts when taking the flight risk.

There are two games of sorts, with the other one a Under 21 fixture against St Andrews, the day before the first team fixture on the Thursday.

We have seen the club statement on the lateness of all this being put together, but seriously, 8 months to get something nailed down?

There is a lot of good going at the club these days, a hell of a lot, but someone in charge of this hasn’t done a very good job in our opinion.

There will be at least 400 Stags fans still out in the sun enjoying all there is to offer, that number could have been doubled no doubt with a bit more foresight.

We wish all those still traveling a very good and safe trip and see you back in the UK for the pre-season games that start the week after.

our disappointment will soon be forgotten as we lead the table in a couple of months !!