Date: 28th June 2017 at 9:04pm
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Quite a story and claims going on, regarding the Stags snapping up striker Omari Sterling-James from Solihull Moors.

Stags boss Steve Evans made the claim that ‘an admin error’ meant nothing would be owed to the National League club in regards to the transfer.

The 23 year old was shown wearing Stags colours at the One Call yesterday following his signing.

Solihull Moors published the following response on the club’s official website
‘A new deal for 17/18 was discussed verbally with OSJ (Omari Sterling-James) prior to end of season 16/17 but player expressed a desire to play full time league football so no deal was reached and his contract ran to it’s natural conclusion.

There was no option on the contract as the player would not sign one when he originally joined us on a one year deal so there was no transfer fee due as he was a free agent at end of season 16/17. Due to his age we could possibly have been entitled to compensation but as OSJ had only been with us for 1 season and he had formally played at a higher level proving that we had invested extensive time and money in developing him (which is the criteria any compensation claim is based on under FA rules) this would have meant a lot of potentially costly (as a tribunal fee has to be paid by both the former and new clubs before the tribunal is held) and time consuming hassle for both clubs and the player himself for what would ultimately result in a nominal if any, compensation fee being due to SMFC so in the interests of all parties this course of action was not taken and we thank him and wish him well.

Once OSJ made it he clear he did not want to stay for another season and no deal could be reached we focused our attentions on other targets to replace him.’