Date: 30th March 2015 at 5:22pm
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Manager Adam Murray was left bitterly disappointed in our four one loss to York City at the weekend and he felt he needed to apologise to the fans following the showing.

With seven games remaining, Mansfield sit just seven points ahead of second bottom Tranmere Rovers, and we face them in mid April in what could be a deciding game now.

Speaking to the Official Site following the game, a disappointed Murray explained.

‘It was the lowest point of my twenty-odd games as manager, gutless, spineless and I`m ashamed to represent that performance. We knew that the wind would play a big part in the first half. It did, but we didn`t do the basics. We didn`t defend set-pieces, didn`t win any battles, didn`t win any races and the ball became a hot potato. We lacked bravery and didn`t have any possession of the football. It was just a case of get rid of it as quick as you can, and we owe people an apology tonight. Every single Mansfield Town fan that came into the ground deserves an apology, because that wasn`t acceptable.’

Murray went on to say that he said three months ago we had ‘massive and vital ingredients’ missing in the make up of the team and as far as he’s concerned that hasn’t changed despite the changes to the playing staff, and for him that result proves it because of how bad we actually were.

‘We had a few wins a few weeks ago, but the bottom line of this hasn`t changed. I said we`ll be in this battle to the last day of the season and we will be.’

With it being a very disappointing weekend for him, the gaffer was also in the press this morning reaffirming his commitment to the ‘long term project’ that he has started here.

Talking of it being a ‘soul searching’ weekend for him, having talked about the result being his lowest point since taking over as manager, he went on to say.

‘I’m learning every day and for a first job I don’t think you could get any tougher. I love the job and love what I`m doing. I know I can be successful here. It`s tough and challenging but one of the reasons I took the role was to test myself and experience new pastures. I’m a passionate guy and I do speak from the heart. It’s something I don’t want to change because I don’t want to take that passion away from myself and the team that I lead. After Saturday’s game we were all a little emotional and frustrated. With the way I am myself, I shoot a little bit from the hip. I’ve had an in-depth thinking weekend and we have to look at things in a positive manner.’

The gaffer went on to say that when the emotions had died down a little, he had spent the weekend reviewing the game a good few times and he does stand by his initial reaction to the performance.

‘I’ve gone over it a few times and it has been a long weekend. There’s been a lot of soul-searching. My opinion after Saturday remains what it was from after the game. It was a bad performance from all aspects, and the lowest point of my 20-odd games in charge. I didn’t see it coming and I didn’t think this group of players was capable of such a lacklustre performance. But we have to move on and go again. We come in today and re-group. We have seven ‘world cup finals now’ where we have to stand up and be counted and put more points on the board.’

Murray goes on to say that he’ll be demanding a reaction from the players this week in training and then in our next game because he knows the players are better than that.

‘We’ve had a good few weeks, taking out the last two results, and have put some good results on the board which have put us in a half-decent position to move forward. I’m positive about the future. It’s a project that I’ve always said will take time and will need a lot of work. I’ve spoken to a lot of managers over the weekend about the situation of inheriting an organisation half way through and it’s cleared my mind up a bit so I’m clear about where the project is going and I’m looking forward to the upcoming battles. The overall picture is positive. I look at the likes of Wycombe last year, who were probably in more of a battle than we are now at this stage last season. You look at them now and that gives me hope.’

He ends by saying that it’s at times like this you really learn about yourself and about others, and he retains that confidence for success in himself, his staff and the players but obviously improvements need to be made and that’s what they’ll be working on.

He also acknowledges along the way there will be ‘bumpy times’ like these though and it’s about how you respond to them that matters and how you react.

‘I’m more than confident that we can do that. We have come back in today and I’m re-energised, re-focussed and have a real fire in my belly to drag this back where it needs to be. That’s what I’ll do as a manager and a leader. I’ve never ran from anything in my life and that won’t start now. For me, the whole job has been about completing this project and moving this club forward and I will do that. I know we’ll be successful and I’m looking forward to doing that next year.’

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