Date: 7th January 2018 at 9:56am
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Following the 0-0 draw in Cardiff City, which set up a mouth watering replay, Stags boss Steve Evans was still speaking in cryptic tongue regarding the fantastic support.

It is all regarding several instances this season where he has been none too happy about a small section of Mansfield Town supporters, most notably away at Colchester Utd, where the away support was accused of abusing players at the end of the match.

Ever since which, things have been a bit strained between supporters and Mr Evans.

This was further intensified in recent home games with Morecambe and Carlisle, the first of which Evans and assistant Paul Raynor were in open warfare with someone close to the dugout.

Once Kayne Hemmings was substituted, quite rightly, in the 3-1 home win over Carlisle United, due to coming back from injury, Evans was perplexed to hear a round of boos coming from the home support over his decision to change things.

His post match rantings about ‘going away to think things through’ on more than one occasion is also getting tiresome with some followers.

Now, with a superb 0-0 draw backed by over 1,000 away supporters inside the Cardiff City stadium, the subject is back on the talking board, given Evans clear choice not to go over and applaud the support who were in the far corner of the stadium.

His post match interview for the BBC made for interesting listening if you read between the lines.

‘It’s nice to be backed by support that was totally positive from quarter to three to time up, the players were remarking on it, and it’s amazing if you encourage technically good players how they can rise and work hard for you.’

‘If you smash them, they go down a hole.’

Some fans weren’t that forgiving on social media, having a pop at Evans for not walking over to thank the noisy support that gave such great backing throughout the game.

It remains to be seen if the icy stand off between manager and supporters can be broken finally over the coming weeks.