Date: 14th July 2017 at 8:47pm
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Mansfield Town fans have been left puzzled by news that the local police force are planning on closing a public footpath between the West Stand and the North Stand for the friendly with Sheffield Wednesday.

The ‘gate’ which was closed a couple of times last season to stop supporters clashing on the Portland Retail Park, has become a figure of fun for Stags supporters every time it gets announced that it will be closed for certain games.

The fact that a pre-season friendly can now be seen as ‘high risk’ has provided hoots of derision on some social media outlets.

The gate will be closed between the two stands from 1pm on the day of the day of the game so supporters will instead all bump into one another afterwards, on the busy ring road back up towards the train station.

In another piece of ‘going over the top’, a public house in Mansfield has advertised that on the day of the game, only supporters with a home match ticket will be allowed into their premises.

Avoiding the fact that some fans might actually want to turn up on the day of the game, and pay for a ticket just prior to the game kicking off, don’t let this decision put you off drinking in town prior to the match.

The decision to act in this manner, is so embarrassing, the public house in question doesn’t even deserve to be named.